Did you lose your job recently? If so, then you are in the middle of a magic opportunity to do what you love doing. While you’re sending out resumes left and right, making a few follow up calls, have you paused to think about how you felt while you were preparing every morning to go to the job you just lost? Did you jump out of bed each day, eager to get to the office and do the absolute best you could for the man? If not, why then are you sending out a resume to fill another job of the same calibre?


Why not use the time you have to re-invent yourself? Of course, if you want to go off and work for another twenty or thirty years so that you can attain a gold watch on which an inscription that says ‘Thanks for X number of years of service’ is engraved on the back then go right ahead. But you can do so much better if you are willing to live and work your passion. Follow your bliss.


You know, when you see the typical trend, a man is born, is schooled, goes to work for fifty years, retires then dies, he usually leaves this beautiful planet with less than one thousand dollars in the bank. He has spent a life time in a job that holds little if any passion for him. He has made his boss rich and sadly he has little to show for it himself.

So let’s turn the trend around because it’s high time we did.

You Want Control of Your Destiny right?

Think about how secure you could be by working away at something you love to do. Working your passion takes time and effort with very little money involved. However it takes way more focus on the end result to get it off the ground. But when you think about that end result; you’ve lived your passion and you have all the money you need to launch into that new adventure called retirement, wouldn’t you agree, passion is priceless?


Follow your bliss. Do what makes you happy. Research more on what really interests you and never, ever lose sight of your dream. More importantly, keep it simple and look ahead always. You’ll find more opportunities will open before you. Remember that the tools you employ, whether they be social media platforms, radio advertising, newspapers or magazines are only as powerful as the person who uses them.

Passion is Productivity

If you were born to be a makeup artist because you love morphing plain looking women into unforgettable sirens, why then are you an usher at a theatre? What about the budding author who lives to write but works as a secretary typing out reports on a desk top for an insurance assessment firm? It is an insane waste of time. Do you live to work or do you work to live?


Consumers want the truth and there’s nothing more rewarding if you want to be hugely successful. So tell it. Sure, they want the service and the value but they value your integrity more than anything. Your truth comes from the passion in the goods and services you’re selling.

If you’re just selling a product or service purely for the money so that you can eat tonight, you’re in a place of desperation. Eventually people will see through the sales spiel. They’ll sense it. They’ll almost taste it and the desperation you are emulating becomes something they will want to avoid.

Don’t try to sell something you are not passionate about because you’ll fail almost every time. You can shape and colour your product or service as much as you like and it may even cost you a lot of dollars but if you are honest to the very core of your being then you will sell your wares. Remember; the honest cream always rises to the top and this is what your consumer sees and comes to trust.

Be Yourself

Be who you instinctively are. Let your unique light shine. Be the creative unpolished you. Say it how you really see it and leave the tapestry of etiquette behind you if that isn’t your forte. Being you, no embroidery, no tassels, no embellishment is what your consumer wants at the end of your day. You are working at and selling your passion – whatever it is. You believe in it because you love it and when you what love you do, that love will spill over. People love love. It is as simple and as lovely as that.


“Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life” – Harvey MacKay



About joyousconnections

My mission is to sustain others to grow personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually. By using my compassion, my unique perspective, and my belief in others' inherent goodness, integrity, I teach them how to discover their enormous potential to be, do and have all they deserve. We possess the ability to be successful in anything we choose to do but often times we become so inundated with other people’s expectations we lose sight of our own picture. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could push the ‘Reset’ button? This reset button would restore our original enthusiasm that accompanies our burning desire to achieve.
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