Qi Gong – pronounced chee-gong is something I’m in the throes of learning and I can acurately, without a word of a lie, say It Works.

How do I know? I’ve been doing Qi Gong now for 30 days and the difference in my quality of life has altered immensely. I am astonished at how I sleep through most nights now. There is the odd night admittedly that is punctuated with a river of tossing and turning but Qi Gong has for me made a huge difference.

I’d forgotten what it felt like to wake up after a full night’s sleep, one without interruption, without having the pain of turning over due to a stiff muscle in my back, alive and ready to face the day with enthusiasm. A typical night of regular waking had become an occurrence and was fully expected which eventually depleted my quality of life. Subconsciously,

  • I chose to wake up
  • I had already orchestrated my routine
  • I was on a treadmill of expectancy
  • I expected lethargy to fulfill my life each morning

All of the above thoughts had programmed my subconscious to receive what I had already conceived and as certain as clock work, I was never in a place to fail. I never did. How long was this routine going to continue I was not to know until I was introduced to Qi Gong. A system of simple, gentle movements that incorporated gentle breathing and in itself a new mindset that would launch me into a new routine that has served me to the greatest extent.

I stumbled upon Qi Gong and have been following Lee Holden with a new belief system, a new kind of approach that has led me into a new world of experience. What a world it is.

You know, thirty days is not a long time. Get that and truly grasp it. Thirty days. One month, that equates to four weeks and the difference is phenomenal.

What can I tell you that you don’t already know deep inside yourself?

Simply this. I am more limber, easy moving, able to move more freely, and sleep through the night to be more energetically alive each morning and I’m soaring with an inner well being that I felt was so ellusive I could never capture a piece of it for myself. How wrong … how delusional I was. I’ve found, through these gentle movements, how well being is for the plucking, simply plucking a moment, five minutes, to give the body a new wave of movement.


Look, it works for me and it will work for you. You’ll find Lee on YouTube giving very genuine instructions to free up your body and if you give yourself the gift of thirty days, you’ll find a thirst for for Qi Gong that you never knew you had.

Thumbs up from me!


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Being sent to Sunday school with the best of our parent’s intentions at the very least was distasteful but my brother and I attended nonetheless. I can’t remember how long we had been getting up early each Sunday morning, getting dressed in our ‘Sunday best’ and attending religious lessons that sent me into a world of desolation. It frightened me because of what I was learning but never discussed with anyone.

It was apparent that God was powerful, impatient and would become very angry if we did the wrong thing. It meant he would probably send me straight to hell if I ever crossed him and subsequently I began having nightmares about death and dying. I didn’t want to go to hell!


One particularly bright spring morning, my brother and I decided we would get ourselves to Sunday school. We fed and dressed ourselves, left a note on the kitchen bench for our parents and walked the miles together enjoying the sunshine and the aliveness of our home town. We chatted animatedly and felt proud to be independent, saving mum the drive to church. The church stairs were crowded. Like ants, people had begun descending them as we arrived. Still others gathered in small groups upon the verdant lawns to chat and others began to walk to their cars. My brother and I looked at each other. We were late! Not only were we late but had completely missed the lesson. I was secretly thrilled as we turned around and walked home again.

I remember mum and dad smiling as we told them what had happened. They explained there were two sessions, one for the Methodists and the other, the later session for the Protestants. In fact we had arrived on time for our Sunday school lesson but because it had taken us almost another hour to return home, we were definitely late for church now.

Never mind, I remember my dad saying. There’s always next week. The opportunity to tell my parents how I felt about going back arose. I told them as each past misdemeanour flashed through my mind how frightened I was that I would be sent to hell because the Sunday school teacher had told us so. We never did attend another lesson after that, but the nightmares would consume me.


My beliefs about religion and spirituality would remain uncertain for many years and as those years travelled onward, I began to research death in an attempt to give myself some understanding and peace. I knew death is inevitable for all of us, what however we should expect was out of my realm of comprehension. Was there really a heaven and its opposite, hell?

My research has revealed thus; death is actually a rebirth into a greater life of pure understanding and knowledge. Communication does not occur through conventional means and the closest one has to define such conversation is through telepathy. Given that feelings and thoughts are communicated from spirit to spirit in such rapidity the process is passed over as pure knowledge.


Through a space blacker than black, we move forward incredibly fast encased in a cocoon of tranquillity and peace, however with this eternal peace, one has a choice to remain in that state in the space until they feel ready to move on. Other people as well as animals travel with us but at a distance. It feels wonderful to know our fur babies are en-route after their time to leave the earth plane has arrived.

The space reveals a pin point of light and takes on the shape of a tunnel through which we advance at an even greater speed. We are, like moths to flame, attracted to the light. Once there we are met by a spirit whose light is more golden and more brilliant than that of the sun. The unconditional love emanating from this spiritual being is immediately reciprocated as we are from and a part of it as it is and always has been a part of us. There is no question as to who this Being is.

It is explained that each of us is at a level of understanding and that we may feel discontentment with the teachings of our present church. We may then seek a different church or philosophy to fill the void. When this occurs, we have reached another level. Ahh, I thought. I was not wrong by leaving Sunday school. I was simply leaving a particular level of understanding to pursue another that would answer my questions. I’ve since learned we were given the ability to obtain great joy or choose that which will bring sadness. The choice is ours through one thing, our decision.


Life is lived most fully in the imagination. Ironically imagination is the key to reality. Sunday school taught us to fear Source, to fear God and yet they, the teachers had fallen prey to negative energy and had taught through fear. Because of their own fears they were using it to control others. In other words, they taught us fear God or go to hell. Fear is the opposite of love and is therefore Satan’s greatest controlling tool.

Negative self talk is another. Positive self talk begins the healing process of any ailment the body endures. Once the illness or problem is identified we then have to verbalise the remedy. Removing thoughts of illness from our mind and concentrating on its cure is the sure fire way to overcome the tools of bodily destruction – if indeed it is right that we be healed. We cannot deny the presence of the illness but rather by denying its power over us, we have attained all right in our own given power to dissolve it. All healing comes from within. All things of importance are created spiritually first and physically second.

As I continued to quench my thirst for knowledge, for I was still in an unsure state as to why I focused on death and what I could never imagine it to be, I then was able to comprehend that when we die we experience nothing more than a transition to another state of ‘being’. Our soul slips from the vessel we see as our body and moves into a spiritual realm. If our death is traumatic, the soul leaves the body very quickly, sometimes even before death occurs. While the body may appear still alive for some moments thereafter, the soul will have already left and is in a state of peace.

I learned from sources far removed from Sunday school that there was a place in some religions known as purgatory, a kind of limbo in which one resides before moving north or south. In the blacker than black space, before the tunnel, some souls will linger. They will remain there as long as they wish in its love and warmth where they can accept its healing influence. Eventually however, they learn to move north for there is no south and in doing so, accept the greater warmth and security together with great peace in the next realm with Source.


It is profoundly relieving to understand and even come to look forward to death when it calls to us in its own time. I no longer suffer from nightmares and have come to realise we as human beings have absolutely nothing to fear. While here on this earth plane though, it is wise to remember that once we have asked for something with sincere desire, doubting nothing, we will receive it.

Simply put, every waking day is a time to feel gratitude for what you already have in your life, for what you are about to receive and for what you will eventually become once your time on this planet has ceased.


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Angels in Dogs

If you’ve ever loved an animal so unconditionally and had that love returned then you’ll know how impossible it is to release them when their time has come to leave this planet. It wrenches the heart in all four directions and until I read this, which I have shared below, I have never been able to truly break the chains that hold me bound to my beautiful, Holly J who was my canine ‘daughter’ for eighteen years. Not a day passes when I don’t visit her. She lies under a frangipani tree she chose after her death in the garden.


I’ve just read the book and I feel more peace than I have known since January 3 2007 when my sweet old girl called it a day. It is said the spirits of animals we have loved continue to visit us because love is the most powerful force in the universe. It cannot be severed by death.

Excerpt from ‘An Angel Called My Name’ by Theresa Cheung

“My wife Rebecca and I shared nine years of our lives with our beloved dog Martin, an Alsatian. He was our first child really and our best friend. He was so full of life and energy and love.

Martin was about a year old when we first brought him home. He was so tiny, frail and underweight that he looked like a newborn. The dogs’ home we collected him from told us that he had been abused as a puppy. He had been left outside all day and all night by his owner with three other dogs who were older and more aggressive. They had eaten all his food, so he had chewed on items containing lead-based paint and then started to suffer seizures. The kennel owner suggested that I take a healthier dog home but there had been an instant connection when I looked into Martin’s eyes and I knew he was going to come home with me.

In the nine glorious years we had him he suffered uncomplainingly through the treatment for his poisoning. He was as steadfast a companion as life could offer. He never complained as he travelled to where the work was. He enjoyed chasing a ball, though I always felt he was humouring me, because nine times out of ten he would get distracted by birds flying overhead or daisies in the field.

I always knew that Martin’s life expectancy would be shortened by the abuse he suffered as a puppy but it was still a shock when about a year before his death, his legs started to crumble underneath him. The vet told me he had neural failure in his back legs which meant he had problems shifting one limb in front of the other. The vet was unwilling to say when the pain would end. My wife and I discussed it and we couldn’t bear to be Martin’s executioners. We loved him like he was our child.

A few months later, Martin’s front legs began to crumble too and it was pitiful to watch him trying to drag himself along the ground. It was my wife who finally called the vet – she’s always been stronger than me – and the vet agreed to come around the following day.

I slept fitfully with Martin on the floor of the front room on his last night. I didn’t want to cut short any of the remaining time I had with him. When we got up I fretted over his breakfast and then I remembered the futility of it all. He would be dead before it was digested. Half an hour to go and he snored loudly with his head in my lap as I stroked his head. I felt like a traitor. I heard the vet arrive. Martin was panting with pain by now trying to get his body to stand. I rubbed him and started to cry. I felt selfish as I cried as I should have been the strong one – supporting him. I picked Martin up and took him upstairs to the spare room which over the years had become Martin’s room. All his favourite things were there. I opened the window and a refreshing breeze blew on my face.

I heard the vet and my wife coming up the stairs. There were just moments left. The vet was a kind and gentle woman and she told me exactly what to expect. Martin didn’t struggle when he was given the injection. His soft eyes gazed into mine and then began to glaze over. I held him tight, consoled by the fact that he was with someone who loved him. Yet when I took off his collar I felt as if I had betrayed him.

I carried Martin downstairs. We buried him in our garden. Afterwards the house was so quiet my wife and I decided to drive down to some fields nearby to get some fresh air. We had often taken Martin there. We were both silent as we got into the car and when we arrived I felt tears sting my eyes. I turned the engine off and my wife gave me a reassuring hug. We sat there for quite a while. We didn’t get out of the car; we both just needed time and space to think about Martin. Even though Rebecca kept telling me I had done the right thing and deep down inside I knew she was right, I still couldn’t help but feel I had betrayed him.

Eventually we decided to leave. I turned the engine on and the radio started to play. I remember thinking it was strange as the radio hadn’t been on when we drove there. What was even more astonishing was that the song playing was ‘Cruel to be Kind (in the Right Measure)’. I smiled at the coincidence. It was really as thought Martin was sending me a message.

Even more miraculous, Rebecca got pregnant a week after Martin died. We had been trying for years to have a baby and after three unsuccessful attempts at IVF, had decided that becoming parents wasn’t our destiny. She had a tough first trimester and our doctor was unsure if the pregnancy would last. I was terribly anxious but Rebecca never was. She said she knew everything would be fine. She told me that she’d had a dream of Martin and that she believed he was our baby’s guardian angel and always would be.

David Martin was born the following March and is now a healthy, happy two and a half year old. Sometimes I’m convinced that little David is playing with Martin. He’ll often head straight for Martin’s grave even though there is no gravestone on it and play near it watching the daisies and trying unsuccessfully to catch butterflies just like Martin used to.”

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Surrender to what is. Say yes to life and you will discover how life suddenly begins to work for rather than against you.

Surrender does not mean that you bow and kowtow to every opinion or reaction presented to you by others. It means to realise and fully accept that the present moment is all you will ever have. You had a past moment and hopefully you lived it well. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as though you have chosen it and work with it, not against it.

If your present moment contains emotional pain then this is merely your non-acceptance. It is your resistance to what is and of course can be measured by the degree of pain which depends on the degree of resistance to the present moment. You choose how you feel in any given moment be it past, present or future. No-one else can do this for you. You are wholly responsible for your own emotional gauge.


If your present moment is unpleasant it is because your mind has judged it so. The pain of the moment is born of fear, anger, shame, jealousy, dread; all those emotions that reside way below love, reason and peace.

Painful experiences of your past leave a residue that accumulates with other past pain and feeds on the energy that resonates with it. One way to alleviate this pain is to go into yourself. Observe the pain for what it is. Feel its energy. When you take your attention to it, its identification is immediately broken. In other words, the resistance will cease when you become conscious of it and remain present only as a witness. Rather like you are looking at it as a picture on a wall. You enter the present moment. You have accessed the power of Now.



Fear is many shapes. It is anxiety, worry, tension, stress, shyness that stems from what ‘might’ occur. While you are focused on the future rather than on the present moment you are giving your mind sustenance for fear. You have absolute control in your now moment and you can hold your own but the minute you allow yourself to creep into the future, you are building a recipe for fear in the form of dread.


Of course when you are looking forward to something with excitement and joy, then you are sustaining those emotional pleasures and in itself is a recipe to happiness and success in all fields of life.


Ego is foe rather than friend. Ego is vulnerable and frightened of extermination. It detests being wrong and will fight the truth at whatever cost, but when humility steps in the ego, although reluctant, will step aside.

To admit a wrongness, the ego sees it as facing the gallows and will do all it can to defend itself before it will submit. When it sees that sense of self is not seriously compromised through an error of judgement then the need to be right will dissipate. So long as ego is conducting your life path you cannot be truly at peace with yourself. Death of the ego is the beginning of a most magnificent life.


Time is an illusion. Being in and focusing on the now is a place where timelessness resides. So how do you enter into the realm of timelessness? By being present now. Go inside yourself for a moment and notice how you meander from past to future. The past had a now and the future will have a now. You lived now. You are living now and you will live now.

The future you visit is in your imagination and is working toward an eventual now. If your imagined future is hopeful and happy then your sense of anticipation will bring forth happiness. However if your imaginings are imbued with dread or fear then this will result in anxiety and stress.


You do not need to judge yourself or your tendency to travel back or forward in time. Simply stand outside yourself and observe these acts of revisitation. This action will bring you into the Now. The Now is safe. It cannot hurt you but when you foresee though your imaginings your mind can concoct a myriad of explosive unpleasantness or incredible bliss and joy. It is your choice what you foresee.

You are reminded that what you think about and imagine most of the time you will bring about to your life experience. Does it not make sense then to be present in the Now? Being in the Now is who you are.



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I’ve been following my bliss for a number of years now. Perhaps it should read ‘Blisses’. I have several and have found the Secret Sauce to happiness in myriad ways. One in particular is Pyrography. It is the art of burning wood, leather, MDF and I burn whatever inspires me in the moment. I was not born a pyromaniac however and I do not encourage nor do I condone anyone who lights fires intentionally just so experience the thrill of an aftermath. But burning wood is a medium I enjoy due to its ability to lend a landscape of knots and grains that can be cleverly incorporated into the picture.

I did try paper in the early days and very nearly burned down the den in which I was working. That was a complete disaster and a lesson learned very rapidly. Next I tried stretched canvas which was a joy in the initial stages but as the work was drawing to completion, my nib was too hot and subsequently burned a hole smack centre giving the appearance of a crater in the poor man’s cheek! I ditched that medium for something a little more solid.

Elder framed

My work is exceptionally satisfying no matter how long it takes to complete and although some pieces have been known to take months bordering on years to finish, the result has been quite compelling. Other pieces typically take a few weeks entering into a month or two but given the style I use, stippling, the detail must be given its due attention and therefore the customer is happy to wait for it.

Stippling incidentally is the intense progressive work in dots, millions upon millions of them which define a work and give the detail in a more dramatic form. Lines are used of course but I try to avoid them as much as I can if they are deemed unnecessary.

stippled horse in harness on oval shape

I generally use black and white photographs as through these the detail is more easily defined particularly if a client wants his pet ‘burned’. Children also are burned into wood from a black and white photograph rather than colour which can sometimes wash out character traits in their faces and subsequently become lost.

Nepalese girlMisha - dog

Dream boxes are a particular favourite for little girls whose worlds are centred around angels and fairies. These magical creatures are burned into the lid and around the sides while the interior is lined with satin and a crystal placed strategically therein.

Jewel Box - Sold

My work sits in a gallery in the hinterland above the sunshine Coast and although at the moment is presented frameless, it has been suggested that frames be introduced to the work in order that they look ‘complete.’ My argument is thus; frames are a very personal choice and with the type of artwork depicted in pyrography it would behove the purchaser to choose his or her own frame in his or her taste which aligns with their decor in the home in which the piece is to be hung. This then enables me to sell my pieces at a relatively modest price given I do not have to incorporate the price of frame.

Indian Lovers

Prography for me has been the door opener to finding what I truly love to do which is what we all really need to explore and discover within ourselves. I am a great believer in the quote; When you do what you love and love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.


I do what I love and love what I do ~ how does it get any better than this?

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So you’ve figured out what it is you love to do. You love doing it because you lose track of time and funnily enough you’re not stressed or tired. In fact you go to bed reluctantly at 2am and wake up in the morning anxious to do it all again. You’re invigorated and excited. That’s passion.

The passion you possess for what you do will enable you to work tirelessly through the hours necessary to succeed. You’ll have your down moment for when you lay aside your tools. You’ll stop for dinner, play with the kids and spend quality time with your spouse but you won’t have those occasions for golf or surfing or the weekly game of poker you used to indulge in. Be prepared let go of those things for the time being.

If you’re serious about what you’re doing, you’ll be learning all you can about it. You’ll breathe it, you’ll live it and like a drug, you’ll hunger for more of it. You’ll find people who are interested in the same thing you are with whom you can talk and learn of other techniques akin to your passion. All this is going to lead you to the success you seek but don’t for one moment think you’re going to see grand results over night. You’re going to need patience and a lot of it.

While patience is the secret sauce, you’re going to plan and you’re going to be 100% certain that you know exactly what you’re doing. You’re going to ensure you’re doing everything to the very best of your ability so that there won’t be any backward steps. The reward to all this is not the gold watch but the 100% happiness you will experience when your passion becomes your business and your customers cannot get enough.

If you adopt a niche that does not truly resonate with you but the dollars you could earn look very attractive, you will probably lose interest very rapidly. You’ll find it to be too much work, you’ll get tired and resentful as the frustration builds and eventually your venture and you will fold.

Your interest in a niche that does not excite you will be terminable and perhaps this is how you will be forced to look inside and see where your true, innate passion lies. When you’ve found it, nothing, nothing will prevent you from storming ahead. You will pursue the happiness and the unshakable success you will have and surely deserve.

Be true to yourself and the rewards will be insurmountable.

Success requires no explanations. Failure permits no alibis. ~ Napoleon HillImage

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Did you lose your job recently? If so, then you are in the middle of a magic opportunity to do what you love doing. While you’re sending out resumes left and right, making a few follow up calls, have you paused to think about how you felt while you were preparing every morning to go to the job you just lost? Did you jump out of bed each day, eager to get to the office and do the absolute best you could for the man? If not, why then are you sending out a resume to fill another job of the same calibre?


Why not use the time you have to re-invent yourself? Of course, if you want to go off and work for another twenty or thirty years so that you can attain a gold watch on which an inscription that says ‘Thanks for X number of years of service’ is engraved on the back then go right ahead. But you can do so much better if you are willing to live and work your passion. Follow your bliss.


You know, when you see the typical trend, a man is born, is schooled, goes to work for fifty years, retires then dies, he usually leaves this beautiful planet with less than one thousand dollars in the bank. He has spent a life time in a job that holds little if any passion for him. He has made his boss rich and sadly he has little to show for it himself.

So let’s turn the trend around because it’s high time we did.

You Want Control of Your Destiny right?

Think about how secure you could be by working away at something you love to do. Working your passion takes time and effort with very little money involved. However it takes way more focus on the end result to get it off the ground. But when you think about that end result; you’ve lived your passion and you have all the money you need to launch into that new adventure called retirement, wouldn’t you agree, passion is priceless?


Follow your bliss. Do what makes you happy. Research more on what really interests you and never, ever lose sight of your dream. More importantly, keep it simple and look ahead always. You’ll find more opportunities will open before you. Remember that the tools you employ, whether they be social media platforms, radio advertising, newspapers or magazines are only as powerful as the person who uses them.

Passion is Productivity

If you were born to be a makeup artist because you love morphing plain looking women into unforgettable sirens, why then are you an usher at a theatre? What about the budding author who lives to write but works as a secretary typing out reports on a desk top for an insurance assessment firm? It is an insane waste of time. Do you live to work or do you work to live?


Consumers want the truth and there’s nothing more rewarding if you want to be hugely successful. So tell it. Sure, they want the service and the value but they value your integrity more than anything. Your truth comes from the passion in the goods and services you’re selling.

If you’re just selling a product or service purely for the money so that you can eat tonight, you’re in a place of desperation. Eventually people will see through the sales spiel. They’ll sense it. They’ll almost taste it and the desperation you are emulating becomes something they will want to avoid.

Don’t try to sell something you are not passionate about because you’ll fail almost every time. You can shape and colour your product or service as much as you like and it may even cost you a lot of dollars but if you are honest to the very core of your being then you will sell your wares. Remember; the honest cream always rises to the top and this is what your consumer sees and comes to trust.

Be Yourself

Be who you instinctively are. Let your unique light shine. Be the creative unpolished you. Say it how you really see it and leave the tapestry of etiquette behind you if that isn’t your forte. Being you, no embroidery, no tassels, no embellishment is what your consumer wants at the end of your day. You are working at and selling your passion – whatever it is. You believe in it because you love it and when you what love you do, that love will spill over. People love love. It is as simple and as lovely as that.


“Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life” – Harvey MacKay


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